In 2017-18, METG merged with The Boston Live Theater Project (BLTP),  a program begun in Boston in 2013 to introduce high school students from diverse backgrounds to the world of live, professional theater.  

Schools participating in this program select four students and one faculty member to attend an Orientation program and six Wednesday matinees in Boston’s leading theaters over the course of the academic year.  Following every performance, students and teachers from BLTP divide into small groups for a 60-minute roundtable discussion held on site and led by an experienced drama educator.  

The goal of this format is not only to encourage an exchange of ideas and opinions within each group but also to foster inter-school relationships and the experience of forming a peer group outside one’s immediate community.  The program is offered free of cost to the participating schools.  Students and teachers who sign on for BLTP will be expected to commit to showing up on time for the Orientation and all six performances and participating in the post-production discussions in a thoughtful manner.

To get more information on this program and how your school can apply, contact the METG Coordinator at 

The Boston Live Theater Project

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