Stand Up Seniors

Posted on May 05, 2020


Highlighting the contributions of the Class of 2020 to their schools, their theaters, and the METG.

Dear Class of 2020,

Every year, one of the most poignant and emotional moments of the METG High School Drama Festival is the moment when you stand and get recognized your years of participation in the METG. For some of you, it has been seven years of Drama Festival -- including the Middle School Festival!

The COVID-19 global pandemic has robbed you of your chance to stand up one last time. It has taken away so many moments, so many memories, and so many chances to express what being part of an artistic community means to you.

Let’s change that.

Here’s what we want—

Send us a video—no more than 90 seconds—and take your final moment to stand and be recognized. Talk about what theater means to you, what your theater teacher(s) mean to you, what the METG and Drama Festival mean to you. Share a memory from Festival or a show you saw that has stuck with you.

Want to do a monologue from a show you performed in or talk about your most memorable performance? Go for it.

Want to sing a few bars from your favorite role in a musical? We’ll take it!

Want to talk about a set you worked on or show us pictures of costumes you designed? Yes, please!

Make sure you say who you are, what school you went to, how many years of festival or METG programming you participated in, and the rest is up to you.

Record the video vertically using either a laptop or phone camera. Find your best light. Find a nice neutral background if possible. Do a practice run to make sure it’s the product you want.

Once you’re done, upload the video to this google drive.

We’ll feature these videos throughout the METG Strong Virtual Festival that begins on May 18th. All videos will be posted on our Instagram and Facebook pages.

We look forward to seeing you stand up one final time.

Congratulations to all of you on your graduation. We look forward to seeing you again soon.

For questions, please contact the METG at


Dennis Canty

Executive Director, METG

Alicia Greenwood

President, High School Division

Chris Brindley

Vice President, High School Division

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