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Posted on June 01, 2020

METG Statement on Death of George Floyd & Resultant Uprising

In times of darkness and despair, we turn to the arts. Maybe it's a song that comforts you, or a book that reminds you of a gentler, softer time and place. Maybe it's the memory of a painting or sculpture that captures a moment in history. Or maybe it was sitting in a dark theater, listening to a stirring rendition of a song from your favorite musical or a monologue by your favorite actor.

Times are dark indeed. Like far too many before him, George Floyd died at the hands of hate. In the days that followed, we watched people come together to stand against systemic racism, to address white privilege, and to ensure that George Floyd, and Ahmaud Arbery, and all the lives cut short too short by racism and hate were not taken in vain.

The Massachusetts Educational Theater Guild stands in solidarity with everyone leading the way in this important fight.

Theater has always been a powerful tool to teach. To empower. To hold up a mirror to the world. The role of educators and artists in this fight is crucial. At times like these, we would be gathering in theaters and asking ourselves "what can we do to help?" And while we yearn to be together in these spaces, mobilizing towards the greater good, we're in the midst of a pandemic that keeps us apart while continuing to disproportionately impact communities of color.

We promise to teach our students to harness their feelings and find the power to express them in creative forms that capture the intensity of the moment. Miller’s The Crucible and Larson’s RENT read like a history book on revolution. Who will be the storytellers of today? Who will stand for justice? METG will stand with you.

We'll be together soon. And when that time comes, we'll turn our attention to telling powerful stories, asking difficult questions, and examining privilege. Theater and the arts will resume — in some way, shape, and form — and when they do, we'll use this powerful medium to change the world.

Until then: Read a play. Listen to music. Draw. Connect with people you love. Listen with compassion and empathy. Challenge the status quo. Stay informed. Stay safe. Stay strong.

Black Lives Matter.

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