Schedule and Results

April 28th at Blanchard Middle School

14 West Street, Westford
Contact: 978-692-5582

6:45am Narragansett Regional School District Little Red in the Hood Silver
6:45am North Reading Middle School Chicago ERR Gold
6:45am Blanchard Middle School The Wall Plays Gold
6:45am Tyngsborough Middle School The Tell Tale Heart Gold
6:45am Parker Middle School The Infinity of Pi (Original) Gold
6:45am Hawthorne Brook Middle School Alice in Urban Silver
6:45am Stony Brook Middle School Mill Girls Gold
April 28th at Lynnfield Middle School

505 Main Street, Lynnfield
Contact: (781) 334-5810

6:45am Lynnfield Middle School Beware the Jabberwock Silver
6:45am St. Pius V School Three Fractured Pigs Bronze
6:45am Austin Preparatory School This is a Test Gold
6:45am John W. Wynn Middle School The Booby Trap Silver
6:45am Swampscott Middle School Apostrophe Bronze
6:45am Shore Country Day School Free Gold
6:45am Miles River Middle School Wind Through the Branches (Original) Silver
6:45am Rockport Middle School This Dog’s Life (Original) Silver
April 28th at Walsh Middle School

301 Brook Street, Framingham

6:45am Walsh Middle School Never Saw Another Butterfly Gold
6:45am F.A. Day Middle School Property Rites Silver
6:45am Winthrop Middle School Rainbow Flight (Original) Gold
6:45am Qualters Middle School Wiley and the Hairy Man Gold
6:45am Horace Mann Middle School​, Franklin November 22, 1963 (Original) Silver
6:45am Cameron Middle School The Seussification of Romeo & Juliet Gold
6:45am Boston Latin Academy Truth or Dare (Original) Silver
April 28th at Weston Middle School
6:45am A B Bruce School The Seussification of Romeo and Juliet Silver
6:45am Bigelow Middle School Small Actors Silver
6:45am A B Bruce School Epic Fail Silver
6:45am Weston Middle School Things Fall (Meanwhile) Silver
6:45am Melrose Veterans Memorial Middle School Wicked Queen Silver
6:45am The Bromfield School A Simple Task Gold
6:45am Buckingham Browne and Nichols School Bob: A Live in Five Acts Bronze
April 28th at Dover Sherborn Regional Middle School

9 Junction Street, Dover
Contact: (508) 380-0576

6:45am The Rashi School A Mid-semester’s Afternoon Daydream – Gold
6:45am Cohasset Middle School Mill Girls Bronze
6:45am A B Bruce School April Fish Silver
6:45am Dover Sherborn Regional Middle School Epic Fail Gold
6:45am A B Bruce School The Ballad of Reading Gaol Silver
6:45am Fuller Middle School Hoodie Silver
Middle School

2013 Festival