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Schedule and Results

April 29th at Lynnfield Middle School

505 Main Street, Lynnfield
Contact: (781) 334-5810

6:18am Lynnfield Middle School A Midsummer Night’s Dream Gold
6:18am A B Bruce School St. Pius V Lynn Shuddersome Tales of Poe Silver
6:18am Breed Middle School Smarty Pants Silver
6:18am Miles River Middle School Chapter One Gold
6:18am Bigelow Middle School The Actor’s Nightmare Silver
6:18am Harborlight Montessori Hoodie Silver
6:18am Rockport Middle School Game of Tiaras
6:18am Austin Preparatory School Goldilocks on Trial Bronze
April 29th at Blanchard Middle School

14 West Street, Westford
Contact: 978-692-5582

6:18am Blanchard Middle School Tracks Silver
6:18am Hawthorne Brook Middle School 15 Reasons Not to be in a Play Gold
6:18am Tyngsborough Middle School Cave Dream Gold
6:18am Lincoln School The Happiness Shop – Bronze
6:18am The Bromfield School Offering Bronze
6:18am John W. Wynn Middle School The Lottery Bronze
6:18am Parker Middle School Sideways Stories from Wayside School Silver
April 29th at Winthrop Middle School

400 Main Street, Winthrop
(617) 846-5505

6:18am Furnace Brook Middle School Game of Tiaras Silver
6:18am F.A. Day Middle School The More Things Change Gold
6:18am Melrose Veterans Memorial Middle School Between the Kiss and the Waking Silver
6:18am Winthrop Middle School Dear Me Gold
6:18am St. Johns Prep Middle School When the Children Have Been Good Gold
6:18am Buckingham Browne and Nichols School OMG (Opposite Machine Gadget) Silver
April 29th at The Rashi School

8000 Great Meadow Road, Dedham
Contact: (508) 740-1156

6:18am Stony Brook Middle School A Midsummer Night’s Dream Gold
6:18am Holten Richmond Middle School The Ghost of Enoch Charlton Bronze
6:18am Dover Sherborn Regional Middle School The Seuss Odyssey Bronze
6:18am The Rashi School And Then There was One Silver
6:18am Weston Middle School The Chronicles of Jane: Book Seven Silver
April 29th at Fuller Middle School

31 Flagg Drive, Framingham

6:18am Walsh Middle School The Education of Janet O’Malley Silver
6:18am Cameron Middle School The Fabulous Fable Factory Silver
6:18am Jonas Clarke Middle School Still Life With Iris Gold
6:18am Fuller Middle School Wiley and the Hairy Man Gold
6:18am Sky View Middle School The Struggles Gold
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2017 Festival