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Schedule and Results

April 30th at The Bromfield School (MS)

14 Mass Ave, Harvard 01451

5:05pm Blanchard Middle School Shuddersome: Tales of Poe Gold
5:05pm Melrose Veterans Memorial Middle School The Seussification of Romeo & Juliet Bronze
5:05pm Roosevelt School The Dancers Bronze
5:05pm The Bromfield School (MS) The Scheme of the Driftless Shifter Silver
5:05pm Buckingham Browne and Nichols School To Kill a Mockingbird Gold
5:05pm Oak Hill Middle School A Play With Words Bronze
April 30th at Lynnfield Middle School

505 Main Street, Lynnfield
Contact: (781) 334-5810

5:05pm Lynnfield Middle School The Fabulous Fable Factory Silver
5:05pm St. Pius V School School Daze Gold
5:05pm Miles River Middle School Fighting Giants Gold
5:05pm Rockport Middle School Check , Please Silver
5:05pm Harborlight Montessori Master Mime Gold
5:05pm Marblehead Community Charter Middle School Cheaters Bronze
April 30th at Matthew Kuss Middle School

52 Globe Mills Ave, Fall River

5:05pm Furnace Brook Middle School Shuddersome: Tales of Poe Gold
5:05pm F.A. Day Middle School Midsummer Night’s Dream Gold
5:05pm Cohasset Middle School OZ Bronze
5:05pm Matthew Kuss Middle School Superhero Sanitarium Bronze
5:05pm Weston Middle School The Accordian Shop Silver
5:05pm Lincoln School Baghdad Zoo Silver
5:05pm Qualters Middle School The Devil and Daniel Webster Silver
April 30th at Tyngsborough High School

36 Norris Rd, Tyngsborough, MA
Contact: (978) 649-7571

5:05pm Hawthorne Brook Middle School Dystopia Silver
5:05pm St. Johns Prep Middle School Detective Sketches Gold
5:05pm John W. Wynn Middle School This is a Test Silver
5:05pm Tyngsborough Middle School Lockdown Gold
5:05pm Parker Middle School The Seussification of Romeo and Juliet Silver
5:05pm Stony Brook Middle School Beauty and the Bee Silver
5:05pm Bigelow Middle School She Kills Monsters Bronze
April 30th at The Rashi School

8000 Great Meadow Road, Dedham
Contact: (508) 740-1156

5:05pm John J. Ahern Middle School, Foxboro he Baloney, the Pickle, the Zombies and Other Things That I Hide From my Mother Silver
5:05pm North Reading Middle School The Odyssey Silver
5:05pm Charles Brown Middle School Bad Auditions by Bad Actors Silver
5:05pm The Rashi School Historically Bad First Dates
5:05pm Jonas Clarke Middle School The Jungle Book Gold
5:05pm Dover Sherborn Regional Middle School Gary Grinkle’s Battle with Wrinkles and Other Troubles in Mudville Silver
April 30th at Walsh Middle School

301 Brook Street, Framingham

5:05pm Walsh Middle School Charlotte’s Webb Silver
5:05pm Cameron Middle School The Legend of Sleepy Hollow Silver
5:05pm Holten Richmond Middle School After Math Silver
5:05pm Arthur T. Cummins Middle School All I Really Needed to Know I Learned by Being in a Bad Play Gold
5:05pm Sky View Middle School Sideways Stories from Wayside High Silver
5:05pm Fuller Middle School Orphan Trains Gold
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