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Schedule and Results

April 28th at Blanchard Middle School

14 West Street, Westford
Contact: 978-692-5582

7:09pm Walsh Middle School A Midsummer Night’s Dream Gold
7:09pm Bigelow Middle School The Upper Room Gold
7:09pm Melrose Veterans Memorial Middle School Little Women Bronze
7:09pm A B Bruce School Dragon of the Winds Silver
7:09pm A B Bruce School Faces of Freedom Bronze
7:09pm Blanchard Middle School The Dining Room Silver
April 28th at Lynnfield Middle School

505 Main Street, Lynnfield
Contact: (781) 334-5810

7:09pm Lynnfield Middle School The Fabulous Fable Factory Gold
7:09pm Winthrop Middle School Bedtime Story Silver
7:09pm St. Pius V School 15 Reasons Not To Be in a Play Bronze
7:09pm North Reading Middle School Olympic Idol Silver
7:09pm Miles River Middle School Grimm Reality (original) Gold
7:09pm Swampscott Middle School The Snow Show Bronze
7:09pm Cameron Middle School The Adventures of Rocky and Skye Gold
April 28th at Matthew Kuss Middle School

52 Globe Mills Ave, Fall River

7:09pm F.A. Day Middle School Screens Silver
7:09pm Horace Mann Middle School​, Franklin Just Like Us Gold
7:09pm Matthew Kuss Middle School Sheherazade Silver
7:09pm Qualters Middle School The Outsiders Gold
7:09pm Cohasset Middle School The Ugly Duckling Gold
7:09pm Buckingham Browne and Nichols School Priscilla Dreams the Answer Gold
April 28th at Tyngsborough High School

14 West Street, Westford
Contact: 978-692-5582

7:09pm A B Bruce School Tricks, Lies and a Whole Lot of Murder Bronze
7:09pm Shore Country Day School Straight Lies Gold
7:09pm John W. Wynn Middle School No Body to Murder Bronze
7:09pm Tyngsborough Middle School The Children’s Story Gold
7:09pm Weston Middle School Wait, Wait Bo Bait Gold
7:09pm Parthum Middle School The Silver Sword Gold
April 28th at The Rashi School

8000 Great Meadow Road, Dedham
Contact: (508) 740-1156

7:09pm Fuller Middle School The Phne 2.0: The Next Generation Gold
7:09pm A B Bruce School Puss and Boots Bronze
7:09pm Rockport Middle School The Archeologist from the Future Silver
7:09pm Dover Sherborn Regional Middle School Hercules Gold
7:09pm St. Jerome School, Weymouth 15 Reasons Not To Be in a Play Silver
7:09pm The Rashi School Wing It (original) Silver
Middle School

2012 Festival