Schedule and Results

April 30th at The Bromfield School

14 Massachusetts Ave

Harvard, MA

7:38am Austin Preparatory School Goldilocks on Trial Bronze
7:38am Cohasset Middle School The Scheme of the Driftless Shifter Bronze
7:38am Cameron Middle School I Never Saw Another Butterfly Silver
7:38am Bigelow Middle School Dirk Medicine MD in Hospital Fever Bronze
7:38am Wellesley Middle School The Unfinished Bronze
7:38am The Bromfield School The Chronicles of Jane: Book Seven Silver
7:38am Buckingham Browne and Nichols School The K of D: An Urban Legend Gold
April 30th at Horace Mann Middle School​, Franklin
7:38am Horace Mann Middle School​, Franklin Code 40: Verona Silver
7:38am Atlantic Middle School, Quincy The Mill Girls Gold
7:38am Walsh Middle School Code Yellow Gold
7:38am Matthew Kuss Middle School The Crane Wife Gold
7:38am Theaterworks Mendon Alice in Wonderland: Urban Edition Gold
7:38am Qualters Middle School The Scheme of the Driftless Shifter Gold
7:38am The Rashi School Check, Please! Gold
April 30th at Tyngsborough High School

14 West Street, Westford
Contact: 978-692-5582

7:38am Lynnfield Middle School War of the Words Gold
7:38am Narragansett Regional School District Robin, the Witch and the Challenge Bronze
7:38am Melrose Veterans Memorial Middle School He Said and She Said Bronze
7:38am Tyngsborough Middle School The Summer People Gold
7:38am Fuller Middle School Skidmarks 2: Are We There Yet? Gold
7:38am Winthrop Middle School Fortune Silver
7:38am Blanchard Middle School Tracks Gold
April 30th at Hamilton Wenham Regional High School

775 Bay Road, South Hamilton
Contact: 978-468-0474

7:38am F.A. Day Middle School The Education of Janet O’Malley – Silver
7:38am Swampscott Middle School Wait, Wait, Vo Bait Silver
7:38am Shore Country Day School The Pot Boiler – Gold
7:38am A B Bruce School I’m a Teenager. Get Me Out Of This Family Bronze
7:38am Miles River Middle School Alice in Wonderland: An Original Adaptation Gold
7:38am Holten Richmond Middle School Alice in Wonderland: An Original Adaptation Gold
7:38am Rockport Middle School Scenes from Hamlet Bronze
Middle School

2011 Festival