Schedule and Results

April 24th at Miscoe Hill School
9:35am Dover Sherborn Regional Middle School Puck & the Players Gold
9:35am Oak Hill Middle School Candid Silver
9:35am Wellesley Middle School Perfect Gold
9:35am Horace Mann Middle School​, Franklin Brownstone 21 Bronze
9:35am Miscoe Hill School Circus Olympus Gold
9:35am Buckingham Browne and Nichols School Scheme of the Driftless Shifter Bronze
April 24th at Tyngsborough Middle School

50 Norris Rd, Tyngsborough, MA
(978) 649-3115

9:35am Rockport Middle School The Baseball Show Bronze
9:35am Shore Country Day School Surviving Lunch Silver
9:35am Melrose Veterans Memorial Middle School Little Women
9:35am Weston Middle School The Lottery Gold
9:35am Tyngsborough Middle School Wendy’s Tale Gold
9:35am Walsh Middle School The Brothers Grimm Spectaculation Bronze
9:35am Blanchard Middle School Myth Adventures: Five Greek Classics Silver
April 24th at Norwell High School

18 South Street, Norwell
Contact: 781-659-8810

9:35am Lynnfield Middle School Tales of Trickery Gold
9:35am Miles River Middle School A Midsummer Night’s Dream Gold
9:35am F.A. Day Middle School The Audition Silver
9:35am Qualters Middle School This is a Test Gold
9:35am Matthew Kuss Middle School Jane Eyre: Life at Lowood Gold
9:35am Atlantic Middle School, Quincy Twice Upon A Time Silver
9:35am Austin Preparatory School The Brothers Grimm Spectaculation Silver
9:35am Cohasset Middle School A Simple Task Silver
April 24th at The Rashi School

8000 Great Meadow Road, Dedham
Contact: (508) 740-1156

9:35am Bigelow Middle School The Phone Will Explode at the Tone Gold
9:35am St. Pius V School John Phillip Sousa Workshop Silver
9:35am The Bromfield School (MS) The Hitchhiker Gold
9:35am Fuller Middle School A Nuther Thing Silver
9:35am Swampscott Middle School Four Little Words Bronze
9:35am The Rashi School Skidmarks, A play About Driving Silver
Middle School

2010 Festival