Schedule and Results

April 26th at The Bromfield School (MS)

14 Mass Ave, Harvard 01451

6:07am Shirley Middle School The Princess & the Pea Bronze
6:07am JFK Middle School Funky Town (original) - Gold
6:07am Jonas Clarke Middle School Stuart Little Bronze
6:07am The Rashi School I Hate the Mall Bronze
6:07am The Bromfield School (MS) Check, Please Gold
6:07am Chestnut Middle School This is a Test- Bronze
6:07am Lynnfield Middle School Us & Them Gold
April 26th at Ipswich Middle School
6:07am Shore Country Day School Fog on the Mountain Bronze
6:07am John W. Wynn Middle School This is a Test Gold
6:07am Rockport Middle School Friends Gold
6:07am F.A. Day Middle School Spill Silver
6:07am Austin Preparatory School King Henry VIII Silver
6:07am St. Mary Star of the Sea School, Beverly The Vampire's Bride Bronze
6:07am St. Pius V School Jack vs. Jill Gold
April 26th at Qualters Middle School
6:07am Fuller Middle School Small Actors Silver
6:07am Cohasset Middle School The Ever After Silver
6:07am Horace Mann Middle School​, Franklin The Middle School Dating Game Bronze
6:07am Tyngsborough Middle School Flowers For Algernon Gold
6:07am Qualters Middle School Charlie & the Chocolate Factory Bronze
6:07am Bigelow Middle School A Simple Task Bronze
6:07am Weston Middle School Street Child - original Bronze
April 26th at Mildred Avenue MS
6:07am Walsh Middle School Degas C'est Moi Gold
6:07am Wellesley Middle School original Silver
6:07am Meridian Academy (Brookline) S.U.P.E.R Gold
6:07am Winthrop Middle School Midsummer Night's Dream Silver
6:07am Mildred Avenue MS The Dancers Gold
6:07am Prospect Hill School Somerville James & the Giant Peach- Silver
Middle School

2008 Festival