Schedule and Results

April 29th at The Bromfield School (MS)

14 Mass Ave, Harvard 01451

11:09am Bigelow Middle School Competition Piece Bronze
11:09am Hawthorne Brook Middle School Snew White Silver
11:09am Ottoson Middle School (Arlington) Romeo to Go Silver
11:09am Wellesley Middle School Bored Games (original) Bronze
11:09am The Bromfield School (MS) Through My Eyes (original) Gold
11:09am Shirley Middle School Just Like Us Bronze
11:09am Tyngsborough Middle School Property Rites Gold
April 29th at Pentucket Regional Middle School (West Newbury)
11:09am Lynnfield Middle School The Stinky Cheese Man Gold
11:09am John W. Wynn Middle School (original) Bronze
11:09am St. Pius V School After Math Silver
11:09am Rockport Middle School Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf Silver
11:09am Pentucket Regional Middle School (West Newbury) Yeh-Shen, A Chinese Fairy Tale (original) Gold
11:09am St. Mary Star of the Sea School, Beverly The Inventor’s Daughter Bronze
11:09am Shore Country Day School 6:15 on the 104 Silver
April 29th at Walsh Middle School

301 Brook Street, Framingham

11:09am Northbridge Middle School Aftermath Gold
11:09am Sarah W. Gibbons Middle School (Westborough) This is a Test Gold
11:09am Cameron Middle School 12 Dancing Princesses Bronze
11:09am Mildred Avenue MS The Lottery Silver
11:09am Walsh Middle School Gollywhoppers Silver
11:09am Dighton Middle School On Being Invisible (original) Bronze
11:09am Chestnut Middle School The Scheme of the Shiftless Drifter Silver
April 29th at Weston Middle School
11:09am F.A. Day Middle School Pressure Change(original) Silver
11:09am Cohasset Middle School Small Actors Gold
11:09am The Rashi School A Bag of Green Apples Bronze
11:09am Fuller Middle School Skidmarks: A Play About Driving Gold
11:09am Weston Middle School Poems from Where The Sidewalk Ends Gold
11:09am Boston Latin Middle School An Evening With the Living Dead Silver
Middle School

2006 Festival