The METG is excited to announce our next contest for our Middle School Students - our brand new Monologue Writing Contest!

The deadline to register is Wednesday, February 24, 2021. You do not need to have anything written in order to register!

As part of your registration into these contests, you will also be invited to a virtual workshop to get help and receive live feedback prior to submitting your entry!

Please use the link below for more information about this new contest!

Monologue Writing Contest

Please click here for our 2021 Contest Day results for the Middle School Monologue Contest, the Middle School Excellence in Technical Theater Contest, and the Musical Theater Scholarship Contest!

The METG is excited to offer our Middle School Contest Day virtually this year - there is no need to travel! You can take part in Contest Day right from home! This year we are offering the following contests:

  • The Middle School Monologue Scholarship Contest - this contest is open to students in grades 5-9.
  • The Excellence in Technical Theater Contest - this contest is open to students in grades 5-9. Middle School students may enter with a Set Design or a Costume Design.

Also, once we have more information regarding Festival 2021, we will post an update regarding the Logo Design Contest.

The new process for Contest Day 2020/2021 will be:

  • Once registration has closed, all students who have registered will receive and ID Number and information with a link to upload their contest entry. **If you have registered for any contests, you should have received your ID Number via email. If you have not received an ID Number, please send an email to**
  • Contestants will record their monologues/scenes/technical presentations and submit to our online platform.
  • Adjudicators will review all entries and score them on the appropriate rubric.
  • The top 8-10 scores in each category are invited to participate in a recorded zoom call to receive detailed feedback from the adjudicators.
  • A final “Winners’ Announcement” stream will take place to highlight the individual projects/performances from each category.
  • Additionally, a stream of all projects/performances from each category will be created so students can see every project if they choose.

Please use the links below for more information about each contest! You can also access the registration form here!

Middle School Contests and Scholarships

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