The METG's High School Division is responsible for oversight of two of the organization's flagship programs: the annual one-act High School Drama Festival held in March and a series of acting and technical theater scholarship contests held in December. High School programs are overseen by the High School Executive Council, comprised of teachers, educators, and other volunteers committed to advancing theater and theater education at the secondary level. Current members include:

Division Leadership

  • Brienne Lemire, Division President
  • Donnie Norton, Division Vice President
  • Christopher Brindley, Immediate Past President

Executive Council Members

  • Caitlin Lahey
  • Donnie Norton
  • Bob Hogan
  • Michael Towers
  • Skylar Grossman
  • Kellie Tropeano
  • John Quinn
  • Michael Lopez
  • Kevin Hallock
  • Susan Choquette
  • Thomas Rodrigues
  • Andréa Mastroianni
  • Joel Parra
  • Ryan Fitzgerald
  • Kathleen McKenzie
  • Aspen Marshall

To contact the METG High School Division, please email Brie Lemire, High School Division President, at

High School Division

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