Green Room Sessions

In our effort to better support our member teachers, the METG is rolling out a series of trainings and Professional Development offerings that will enhance your work as artists, as community builders, and as educators. We’re calling these the Green Room Sessions, in honor of the spirit of camaraderie and idea-sharing that fills the backstage of every theater. Often, as theater teachers, we work in isolation- these sessions provide us an opportunity to gather and connect, drawing on the amazing resources we all can be to each other. Unlike our 10-hour Masterclass Series, the Green Room Sessions are an a la carte set of options, meeting on weekends and weekday evenings, some online and some in-person.

The Green Room Sessions are organized into three strands: Practical Tech, Program Development, and the Art of Teaching. If you take all the Sessions within each strand, you will have 10 hours of PD accrued, which can be applied towards your PDPs.

Each of these sessions…

  • Is led by an expert teacher from the METG’s membership- someone who understands what being a teacher is all about!
  • Is designed to be as high-impact as possible- we know your time is limited!
  • Runs at a member discount! $50 for each online session, $75 for each in-person session

Schedule for the 2019-2020 School Year Coming Soon

We hope you join us for these Sessions, and that you take advantage of this unique new opportunity! These Green Room Sessions were developed specifically based on what members have requested over the years- if there are other topics you’d like to see discussed in future sessions, please let us know! Contact the METG’s Director of Education and Outreach, Alex Johnson, with any questions or comments at ajohnson@metg.org

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Green Room Sessions for Teachers

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