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High School Scene Partner Contest

This contest is open to any student in grades 9-11.

Click here for the 2020/2021 Winners Announcement!

**If you have registered for any contests, you should have received your ID Number via email. If you have not received an ID Number, please send an email to**

Attention undergraduate actors! The Guild is offering a contest for you to demonstrate your talent with a partner in an acting scene!

Video Submission Instructions: Remember - videos MUST be uploaded by January 4, 2021!

Remember, your video should begin with:

"Our ID number in the Scene Partner Contest is (give number). We will be performing a scene from (name of play and author). Then each introduce which character you will be playing."

Instructions For Uploading Your Scene Partner Contest Video:

1. Please be sure that the file name is your ID Number and NOT your name. For example, if my ID Number was METG1, my file name would be or METG1.mp4, etc.
2. Click on this link.
3. Fill out all required fields of the Google Form.
4. Click on "Add File" to upload your video.
5. Choose your file from your device.
6. Click "Upload".
7. You should now see your file name in the Video Upload Section.
8. Click "Submit".

A quick note on the upload form, you will see something that says you have to log into a Google account to upload a file - you do not, it will default to the account if you do not have a Google account.

New Process for 2020/2021:

  • Once registration has closed, all students who have registered will receive an Identification Number, a link to upload their contest entry, and directions on how to do so.
  • Contestants will record their monologues/scenes/technical presentations and submit to our online platform.
  • Adjudicators will review all entries and score them on the appropriate rubric.
  • The top 8-10 scores in each category are invited to participate in a recorded zoom call to receive detailed feedback from the adjudicators.
  • A final “Winners’ Announcement” stream will take place to highlight the individual projects/performances from each category.
  • Additionally, a stream of all projects/performances from each category will be created so students can see every project if they choose.

Contest Specifics:

  • The emphasis during the scenes is on presentation and performance.
  • Acting partners must perform one scene, not to exceed three minutes. The adjudicators will stop your video at three minutes. Your time begins after your slate.
  • You may use two chairs and one small table. No additional set pieces, special lighting, or sound will be permitted.
  • A maximum of two hand props are permitted and must be provided by the actors.
  • Costumes are not permitted. Applicants should wear simple clothing that allows for ease of movement.
  • Each school is permitted to submit a maximum of five (5) scenes to the competition.
  • Entrants should begin their recording with:
    • "Our identification number in the Scene Partner Contest is (give number). We will be performing a scene from (name of play and playwrite). Then each introduce which character you will be playing."


  • Applicants will be judged on the basis of the actors’ ability to demonstrate concentration, control of material, flexibility and versatility of voice, movement, and expression.
  • Both actors should pursue strong, clear objectives and make varied and specific acting choices.
  • Actors should give evidence of knowing the meaning, importance and place of their scene in the context of the whole play. The performance should be believable and make the audience care about what is taking place.
  • Actors should be prepared to answer any questions from the judges about their scene.


Winning partners will receive a cash prize.


For member schools there is a $15.00 entry fee per student.

For non-member schools there is a $20.00 entry fee per student.

Important Dates: **Extended Deadlines**

The deadline to register is December 11th.

The deadline to submit your video is January 4th.

If you are in the top 8-10, you will contacted to participate in a panel with the adjudicators by January 15th. That panel will take place the week of January 16th.

The winners will be announced on January 24th.

Contest Date and Location:

The High School Scene Partner Contest will take place virtually this year.

Link to Registration Form:


High School Scene Partner Contest

For undergraduate actors! The METG is offering a contest to let you demonstrate your talent with a partner in an acting scene.

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