Middle School Students in grades 5 – 9 are eligible for the design contest.

Contest Fee: $10 per student from an METG member school; $15 for non-member

Contest Rules:

Design applicants will present their entries in person on the day of the contest competition. Judges will interview design applicants.

Designs should include a detailed set rendering of one scene from the selected work. Designs may also but are not required to include a scale drawing and 3D model of design concept.

Designs must be approved by the applicant’s drama teacher/advisor.

Designer should be able to clearly explain choices including the design and color used for the particular scene.

Designs will be evaluated by two adjudicators independently using the Set Design Contest rubric.

The student with the highest score will receive a cash prize at an awards ceremony in the Spring.

Application Deadline: January 7, 2019

Fee: $10 per student from METG member school; $15 for non-member

Contest Judging Day: Saturday, January 26 at Stony Brook School in Westford (Snow Day: Sunday, January 27)

NEW Middle School Set Design Contest

METG is excited to announce its first ever Set Design Contest for students in grades 5-9.

Upcoming Contest Events

    No upcoming events at this time. Check back soon!