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2020/2021 Musical Theater Scholarship Contest

**If you have registered for any contests, you should have received your ID Number via email. If you have not received an ID Number, please send an email to**

Video Submission Instructions: Remember - videos MUST be uploaded by January 4, 2021!

Remember, your video should begin with:

"My ID number in the Musical Theater Contest is (give number); my first song is (title of song) from (title of show) by (composer's name) sung by (name of role). My second song is (title of song) from (title of show) by (composer's name) sung by (name of role)."

Instructions For Uploading Your Musical Theater Scholarship Contest Video:
1. Please be sure that the file name is your ID Number and NOT your name. For example, if my ID Number was METG1, my file name would be or METG1.mp4, etc.
2. Click on this link.
3. Fill out all required fields of the Google Form.
4. Click on "Add File" to upload your video.
5. Choose your file from your device.
6. Click "Upload".
7. You should now see your file name in the Video Upload Section.
8. Click "Submit".

You will need to repeat steps 4-7 for your headshot as well.

A quick note on the upload form, you will see something that says you have to log into a Google account to upload a file - you do not, it will default to the account if you do not have a Google account.

Adjudication Guidelines:

  • Submit a headshot*
  • Submit a release to use recording - this will be part of the video submission process
  • Each soloist will have a total of 2 ½ minutes to perform two contrasting musical theater cuts
  • One cut must be up-tempo and the other must be ballad (no a cappella songs nor background vocals)
  • Your time begins after your slate


  • We encourage you to create the best recording possible with the technology reasonably available to you.
  • Recording should be one continuous recording
  • Edits that are allowed: global adjustment of balance or levels (to ensure that the volume is acceptable and that the stereo is balanced), trimming the start or end of a recording to remove long spaces, adjustment to the image quality–color correction, white balance correction, and image stabilization
  • Edits that are not allowed: audio dubbing, reverb, chorus, auto-tune, rhythm correction, or any other effects; any sort of splicing

To slate their entry, a student should state the following:

"My ID number in the Musical Theater Contest is (give number); my first song is (title of song) from (title of show) by (composer's name) sung by (name of role). My second song is (title of song) from (title of show) by (composer's name) sung by (name of role)."

Adjudication Tips:

  • Dress audition professional**
  • Consider Proper lighting
  • Neutral backgrounds/clean spaces are preferred
  • Horizontal videos are generally preferred
  • The angle of the camera should best showcase your full range of motion
  • Review your recordings before uploading to ensure that they are of good quality and represent your best work to date

* Headshots do not need to be professionally taken. You can use a current photo of yourself to be used as a reference for the judges.

** Audition Professional: An audition is a job interview: neat, clean and appropriate. Dress with a hint of the character if you want but not in a costume; for example, if it is a dramatic piece, consider darker muted tones and if it is a comedy, brighter colors. Because your audition piece is via video, solid colors tend to work best. Small stripes can play tricks with the camera and best to avoid. Be aware of what colors look good on you and most importantly, it needs to be something you are comfortable and confident wearing.


The student with the highest score will receive a cash prize.


If a student has registered for any of the other METG Contests, there will be no fee for entering the Musical Theater Contest.

If a student is only registering for the Musical Theater Contest, there will be a $10 registration fee for students from Member Schools and a $15 registration fee for students from Non-Member Schools. If you aren't sure if your school is a Member, please contact

Important Dates:

Registration Deadline: December 11th

Submission Deadline: January 4th

Winner Broadcast: Sunday, January 24th


Musical Theater Scholarship Contest

The METG is excited to announce our new Musical Theater Scholarship Contest. This contest is open to all High School and Middle School students from our Member Schools!

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