If you have not written a monologue before consider the following while writing.

What do we mean by a monologue?

  • A dramatic monologue is any “speech” of some duration addressed by a character to a second character or characters.
  • How long should my written monologue be? When reading or performing the monologue it should be approximately twenty seconds in length or more. If your monologue goes beyond three minutes you may want to consider edits.

Following, are some recommendations for our writers.

  1. Action is core to any dramatic work. The character should be doing something through their speech. If the character has a need or a goal it makes the writing dynamic.
  2. The Character should have a real need to pursue an objective through the monologue.
  3. Lively and well written monologues explore the unique rhythms and vocal patterns of a character.
  4. Monologues are responses to something that another character said or did. If you are having trouble getting started, give your character something really big to react to.
  5. Look for opportunities, in the middle of the monologue to surprise yourself, your character and hopefully the audience.
  6. Ending a monologue is difficult. Unlike a play you need not wrap up all of the action at the end of the monologue. That said, there should be some sort of movement forward in the character’s journey.

Contest Specifics:

  • The script must be original, typed in 12-point Courier font with pages numbered.
  • When you register, you will receive a link to a google form. When you are ready to submit, you will use this link.
  • The following information must appear on the first page (cover page): title of the monologue, student’s name, school, current grade, email address, home address, city, state, zip code, home phone number, name of teacher, and signed statement certifying the originality of the submitted work.
  • The following information must appear on the second page (title page): title of the monologue. No other information may appear on this page.
  • Students may collaborate on a single monologue.
  • Students may not submit more than one entry.


A professional, working playwright will read your monologue and choose three or more entries as our winners. It will be based in part on the number of entries.


The Winning Monologue(s) will have the opportunity to record their piece to be shared by the METG. The Winning Monologue(s) will also receive an METG Certificate and cash prize.


For member schools there is a $10 entry fee per student.

For non-member schools there is a $15 entry fee per student.

As always, the METG is committed to providing barrier-free access to student programming for all students regardless of their financial means. If the registration fee poses a hardship, please contact metg@metg.org to request a waiver.

Important Dates:

Deadline to register: January 31, 2022 - you do not need to have anything written to register!

Virtual Workshop: February 2, 2022 5:00-6:30PM

Deadline to submit entry: February 28, 2022


Monologue Writing Contest

2022 Monologue Writing Contest Winners:

High School:

First Place: Hadley Timmerman, Norwell High School
Second Place: Nola Shanbaum, Southbridge High School
Third Place: Tayne Odabashian, Holyoke High School
Honorable Mention: Ben Tardiff, Sturgis Charter School East
Honorable Mention: Avery Selk, The Commonwealth School
Honorable Mention: Elizabeth Rodriguez, Peabody Veterans Memorial High School

Middle School:

First Place: Grace Hinkle, Stony Brook Middle School
Second Place: Jocelyn Berry, Walsh Middle School
Third Place: Abigail Curran, Stony Brook Middle School
Honorable Mention: Elyse Holmes, Stony Brook Middle School
Honorable Mention: Sky Lokere, Stony Brook Middle School

CLICK HERE to view the announcement video!

2022 Monologue Writing Contest!

The Monologue Writing Contest is back!

This contest is open to students in Grades 6-12.

Students must register by Monday, January 31, 2022. You do not need to have anything written yet in order to register!

As part of your registration, we will be offering a virtual Monologue Workshop in February 2022! Students will be able to receive live help and feeback prior to submitting their entry! The workshop will be held on Zoom on Wednesday, February 2, 2022 from 5:00-6:30PM.

Entries will be accepted on a rolling basis following the workshop until Monday, February 28, 2022.

CLICK HERE to register!

The METG is excited to announce the Monologue Writing Contest!

The METG invites students to submit an original written monologue to our monologue writing contest. Your monologue will be evaluated by a professional playwright and they will choose three or more entries as our winners. It will be based in part on the number of entries. We will also be offering a virtual workshop for all students who have registered prior to the submission deadline!

This contest is open to any student in grades 6-12.

Upcoming Contest Events

    No upcoming events at this time. Check back soon!