2021 Contest Day Winners Announcement!

On behalf of the METG, thank you to every student who entered this year's reimagined Contest Day! We truly enjoyed all of the art you shared with us and we can't wait until the time that we can all be back in the theater together! To all of our Honorable Mention and Winning submissions, be on the lookout for an email from us within the next few days! Congratulations!!

METG 2021 Contest Day Winners Announcement Video - Click Here!

Below are the top 8 students in each of our contests!

Doug Ingalls Monologue Scholarship Contest:

Click Here for the Doug Ingalls Contest Top 8 Montage!

HSM1: Miranda Slingluff, Algonquin Regional High School

HSM10: Joanne Octave, Canton High School

HSM14: Alex McLaughlin, Framingham High School

HSM24: Abby Waterhouse, Leominster High School

HSM44: Rachel Aveni, Walnut Hill School

HSM46: Nicole Ceriani, Wellesley High School

HSM61: Flavio Moniz, Brockton High School

HSM68: Noe' Staley, Springfield Conservatory of the Arts

High School Scene Partner Contest:

Click Here for the Scene Partner Top 8 Montage!

HSS1: Hadley Connor & Ailadis Hernandez de Leon, Framingham High School

HSS3: Ian Castracane & Gianna Randazzo, Hamilton Wenham Regional High School

HSS11: Isabel Avila & Liz Seredkina, Peabody Veterans Memorial High School

HSS17: Celia Lohmann & Reagan Boulay, Leominster High School

HSS19: Margo Tsouvalas & Leia Shane, The Academy at Penguin Hall

HSS25: Anna Annese & David St. Aude, Brockton High School

HSS27: Nate Oaks & Anthony Porcello, Gloucester High School

HSS30: Aidan Thielman & Maren White, Arlington High School

Middle School Monologue Contest:

Click Here for the Middle School Monologue Top 8 Montage

MSM3: Caroline Brabeck, Austin Preparatory School

MSM4: Jillian McAuley, Austin Preparatory School

MSM6: Arianna Bellamy, Boston Latin Academy

MSM10: Lara Rodriguez, Stony Brook Middle School

MSM11: Molly Ford, Stony Brook Middle School

MSM12: Elyse Holmes, Stony Brook Middle School

MSM13: Hradini Shinde, Stony Brook Middle School

MSM15: Naomi Mostoslavsky, The Rashi School

Excellence in Technical Theater Contest: The judges chose the top 12 in this contest.

Click Here for the Excellence in Tech Theater Top 12 Montage!

MST2: Megan Piendak, Stony Brook Middle School

MST3: Pablo Paxtor & Ben Howard, The Fessenden School

MST5: Samantha Neshurin, The Sage School

MST9: Emily Bonanno, The Amigos School

HST1: Celia Hidell, Notre Dame Academy Hingham

HST9: Emmeline Morgens, Dover-Sherborn High School

HST18: Aidan Scully, Taunton High School

HST22: Skyla Garrigan, Chelmsford High School

HST24: Marisol Saenz, Dover-Sherborn High School

HST26: Irene Wang, Wilmington High School

HST33: Lauren Kelly, Dover-Sherborn High School

HST39: Lauren Kelly, Dover-Sherborn High School

Musical Theater Scholarship Contest:

Click Here for the Musical Theater Top 8 Montage!

MTM9: Anya Carroll, The Rivers School

MTM12: Jordan Felice, The Rivers School

MTM13: Xavier Massarotti, The Rivers School

MTH9: Emma Waterhouse, Leominster High School

MTH16: Hadley Connor, Framingham High School

MTH28: Diego Castrillo-Vilches, Framingham High School

MTH84: Alex Ross, Westford Academy

MTH91: Lianna Paglia, Natick High School

2021 Contest Day Results

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