Middle School Festival Overview


  1. The director (or other adult representative) from each school attending festival must attend the METG annual meeting on October 22 at Brockton High School. Because this is a new requirement, for this year, any directors who missed this meeting may attend the February 11 new director meeting in Lynnfield instead. (See # 3)
  2. Festival Application Deadline – Friday JANUARY 6th (This includes titles unless it’s an original play)
  3. Host and new director meetings are on February 11 at Lynnfield Middle School.
  4. Site Organizational meetings are on Saturday, March 11th. They will take place at the sites at which schools will perform. These meetings are required for all directors. Directors will be told which site their schools will be performing at by February 17.
  5. Middle School Logo Design Deadline (Must be postmarked by Friday, January 6)

Festival Overview

The first Middle School Drama Festival in Massachusetts was held in the spring of 1995 at the Belmonte Middle School in Saugus.  John Gould, drama coach at Belmonte, had wanted to institute a drama festival so students from across the state could share their productions with children from other schools.  The festival started with a theatre workshop for all students, followed by a monologue showcase and concluding with performances by participating schools.  For the first few years, the festival was held after school, but as interest grew, the festival was moved to Saturdays to allow for more participants.  The Massachusetts Middle School Drama Festival, Inc. was formed to assist in the preparation and planning of the yearly event.   During the 1998-1999 school year, the Massachusetts Middle School Drama Festival, Inc. and the Massachusetts High School Drama Guild, Inc. merged.  With this merger, the middle school division has aligned more with the high school festival, offered workshops for middle school teachers and students and has begun the process of instituting a networking resource for directors.

Participation in the annual one day drama festival provides your students with the unique opportunity to share their work with other member schools. Professional adjudicators evaluate your students’ work and present awards for both acting and technical excellence in your production.

You MUST fill out a membership form before you enter, click on THIS LINK.

The click on this link for a Festival Entry Form…CLICK HERE.

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Saturday, April 29, 2017 (4-5 regional sites)

Sunday, April 30, 2017  (2 regional sites)