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The Combat Illusion:

Teaching Stage Combat to Blood Thirsty Students

This intensive day long workshop will guide participants through the challenging craft of stage combat, covering important safety skills for use on stage with their students. This is a practical course, with teachers first observing and then participating in the techniques and exercises guided by instructors, Matthew Dray and Susannah Wilson. The workshop will provide the opportunity to learn empty-hand choreography, as well as how to safely engage in fake “brawls, falls, and more! The lesson will also include how to build a fight that supports the text.

Participants of the Stage Combat workshop can expect to:

• Learn the basic skills of unarmed combat

• Understand the mechanics of a fight scene

• Learn important safety factors necessary for fight scenes

• Learn how to build dramatic tension with fight scenes

• Learn how to build a fight template to fit a text

Actors have special requirements when it comes to fighting: that it looks effective to an audience member, and that it can be performed repeatedly and safely in rehearsals and multiple performances on stage. Stage combat keeps actors safe and audiences entertained using the illusion of violence: timing, measure, targets and victim-control. The aim of this workshop is to foster a thorough understanding of the many dimensions of portrayed violence. Workshop Leader: Matthew Dray

dray3Matthew Dray is a Boston based actor and fight choreographer with extensive training in unarmed stage combat and the martial arts. His acting credits include The T Party (Company One), A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Classic Repertory Company), Enemy of the People (New Brooklyn Theater), Metamorphosis, and The Traveling Lady (Boston University). His fight choreography credits include The Sickle Play at the Boston Playwrights’ Theatre and Macbeth at the Classic Repertory Company. He has a BFA in Theater Arts Performance from Boston University.

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