Teacher Workshops

In an effort to meet the continuing educational needs of teachers, the Guild each year provides workshop opportunities for individuals who direct student plays, teach theater-related courses, or plan arts curriculum.

Workshops are five hours in length. The Guild provides teachers with a certificate of attendance upon completion of each workshop.

2017/2018 Teachers Workshop


Young Actors Write the Score

In this intensive workshop, we will explore how to create a piece of theatrical work with students that begins without a script and without a predetermined concept. We will focus on methods of engendering collaboration, bravery, and vulnerability in the classroom, and will look at ways of leading students to take their immediate ideas and then dig deeper, experiment more, and think way way outside the box.

Areas of Focus:

  • how to best build an ensemble of students who understand themselves not as passive actors, but as performers with agency to generate their own material based on their particular set of lived circumstances and visceral interests
  • tools for locating different starting places for building material and tools for generating that content further (ex: interviews, improvisation, prompts that utilize lists and limitations as structural frames)
  • how to locate and develop each student’s particular gift and unique contribution to the piece at large so that the piece fits them rather than them having to fit the piece
  • how to work with student’s raw written material and collaboratively shape it into text that shows rather than tells
  • how to utilize the mundane in the piece as a way of grounding the work
  • how to create a piece of theatre that is arrived at rather than predetermined
  • how to braid disparate pieces of content into a cohesive and engaging theatrical whole
  • how to make sure your devised piece serves the audience as well as your performers

Through games, improvisation, exploration, and experimentation, teachers in the workshop will practice methods of devising work collaboratively, and will help shape the raw material of their peers into short performance pieces that challenge the confines of traditional narrative theater.

WORKSHOP LEADER – Lindsay Beamish from Emerson College

Lindsay Beamish has been a professional actress and theatre creator for over twenty years, and is currently an Assistant Professor of Acting at Emerson College. Recent devising/directing/acting work includes the multi-media full-length performance 38 1/2, as well as Wigs, which she premiered at the 2016 FringeNYC festival. Lindsay’s recent acting performances includes Desire (Zeitgeist Theater) ­­Grapes of WrathThe Bacchae, Flash, and The Faust Projeckt. Her film credits include Forgetting the Girl, the independent film The Greatest (starring Pierce Brosnan, Susan Sarandon, and Carey Mulligan), and John Cameron Mitchell’s Shortbus .  Lindsay holds a BA in Theatre from UC Santa Cruz, an MFA in Theatre in UC Davis, and an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Wyoming.

Workshop Dates:

Friday, November 3 2017 & Friday, April 13 2018
You may attend one or both of the workshops

Workshop Venue:

Walnut Hill School for the Performing Arts
12 Highland Street
Natick MA

Schedule of the Day: 

9:00 – 9:30 A.M. Registration
9:30 A.M. to 3:00 P. M.
Lunch will be provided

Workshop Fees:

ONLY Fri. Nov. 3 ($150 METG Members/ $200 Non-members)
ONLY Fri. Apr 13 ($150 METG Members/ $200 Non-members)
BOTH Nov. 3 & Apr. 13 ($275 METG Members/ $400 Non-members)

The ONLINE application for the 2017-2018 workshop can be found by clicking on THIS LINK.

For further information, email METG@METG.ORG or call 774-521-3022